What is Yantra mantra tantra

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History of Yantra mantra tantra

In ancient India, the emphasis was on all three of the Yantra Mantra Tantra and it was said that any kind of work can be accomplished with them. In today’s time, all these things are seen as witchcraft and superstition. When the British came to India and they saw all these things because they did not know its process. Their religion was not allowed to do all this, so they thought it appropriate to stop it and started putting them in jail or giving death penalty if people used them. They started teaching in school books that it is superstition.

What is Yantra mantra tantra

This is a completely scientific method, in fact nothing is complete without it, let’s understand it in detail. Let us understand with a small example that you have to make your resume for the job, then you will first go to the computer computer is called machine in English, in Sanskrit it is called yantra. After that you will prepare the format of your resume or pick up the format made by someone, in which the resume will be made in a system like first your name, then your experience and face educational qualification will be written, after that you enter your personal details. It is called the system of resume, the system is called Tantra in Sanskrit in Hindi. Now you have to write the word which you are related to that means your name, your qualification, where have you studied, etc. Correct information is said in English and that too in the right words. Such mantras are called in Sanskrit.

Some Example of Yantra mantra tantra

Let us understand with another example a shining car is outside your house. That car is a machine, which means a machine. To drive that vehicle, it is necessary to have knowledge of things like gear handle, clutch accelerator and brake etc. It will be called a system by which the vehicle can be driven, in Sanskrit it is called tantra. The person who will run it or if it is also automatic then the one who runs it from the computer will give commands on it which is called mantra in Sanskrit. You already know that mantras are also called commands in English.

After telling this much, it will not take you long to understand that these three are needed in our daily life also. The things we see. We believe in them, but it does not mean that the things which we do not see do not exist or they do not exist. Its a very best example, you feel the air but do not see it, on going to the microscope you will see the dust particles flowing in the air but the air will not be seen. In the same way there are hundreds of invisible forces which you do not see but have a great influence in your life.

These three things are used in the religious worship of all religions, which you can also call rituals. Like when someone meets Maulvi Sahib with his problem, he tells him that I will give you a black thread or import or amulet. After taking it or wearing it, your problem gets cured to a great extent. If you look at the previously mentioned thing in your mind, then it will become clear to you that even here the Yantra Tantra that mantra has been used, it is something else just saying it.

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