Pitra dosha and its remedies

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Pitra dosha

According to astrology, there are some auspicious yogas in the horoscope, which take a person to the royal power. At the same time, some inauspicious yogas exist, which make a person struggle throughout his life and despite hard work, success is not achieved. Also luck does not favor either. Here we are going to talk about Pitru Dosh. Due to this defect in the horoscope, there can be unrest in the family, obstruction in the growth of the family, sudden illness, crisis, lack of wealth, dissatisfaction with the mind despite having all the facilities, etc. Let us know its causes and remedies…

According to Vedic astrology pitra dosha

The ninth house is the house of the ancestors. Parashar Rishi has come to the father of astrology, he has told that when Rahu is with Sun in the ninth house, there is a friend defect. Some astrologers went ahead and said that why Rahu does not conjunct Saturn with Sun and said that if Rahu is in conjunction with Sun in the first second fourth fifth seventh ninth and tenth house, then Pitradosh occurs. Some Joshi went a little further and said that if Sun or Moon Rahu Ketu is afflicted by Saturn in the horoscope, then Pitra Dosh is felt. If it is affected by Saturn etc. or comes in sight, then there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope.

are your ancestors behind this (Pitra Dosh)

Now you cannot escape anywhere, that means, how will it be proved that those letters of yours are behind the difficulties in your life. The one who is no longer in this world, there is a lot of confusion about Pitra Dosh, there is a small question, can you think bad of your children, can’t your parents think bad of you at all, who do not think bad of you while living But your father who will grow up after death can not go bad for you and your father cannot wish bad for your children at all
Which every human should have more intercourse in our solar system, the Sun is said to be the father of all the planets, in Sanskrit, it is the Pitra, whose I am 99.8% of the entire solar system, because we live on the earth, so all the events are done with the earth as the center. When the Moon and the Sun come to one side of the Earth, then there is a solar eclipse, but the Moon and the Sun come in a zodiac for two and a half days in every month, but today there is no solar eclipse, they come at a point only then there is a solar eclipse. Pitra dosh
When we come to the play point, only then there is a solar eclipse and that point is called the shadow planet, which we know by the name of Rama. Sun and Rahu stay in the same zodiac for almost 2 months in a year which can be called Pitra Dosh but this dosha is known or unknowingly associated with our ancestors and its various ill effects were told due to Sun being with Rahu. The problem arises from the respective house if the Sun is sitting in that village and with Rahu or the house related to the Sun. If there is Sun together, there may be problems related to the house associated with the Sun and the house in which both Sun and Rahu sit.

If Sun is the owner of the first house, then health is the owner of the second house, Sun is the owner of the third house related to sandalwood, brother and sister, all the temples are the owner of the fourth house, then house building, vehicle etc. is the owner of the fifth house, then related to education related to children. If you are the owner of the sixth house, then you are the owner of the seventh house related to the enemies, then you are the owner of the eighth house related to business, will accuse you without any reason, will defame you, if you are the owner of the ninth house, then you are small and you have trouble in some short journeys. There will be a problem in getting the results of your actions and worship Bhatt will not feel like being the owner of the tenth house, if both of them keep on laughing there, then business will not be seen if you are the owner of the eleventh house, then there will be a problem in the benefit tested object and is the owner of the twelfth house. So foreign travels, government cases come, problems will come, the remedy for Rahu is done.

That is why after meeting a qualified astrologer, you should know the remedies of Rahu, if even after enough efforts in life, you are not getting a result, then you should definitely see your horoscope from a qualified astrologer, but you must have cleared one thing. Sun, the father of the solar system, is blamed for affecting your life and not your ancestors.

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